You may have done a little research on what tools you can add to your “standard” collection to take your woodworking to the next level. Pro or Novice, the planer is a total game changer.

Types of Planers

Now you  might be asking yourself, “What is a planer?”

Well traditionally it’s a hand tool used to shave off the surface of the wood in order to make it level. The goal is to make a flat and even plane — Click! 

Thus, the planer. [click to continue…]

Free DIY Advanced Bookshelf Plans

Rustic Handiwork Advanced Bookshelf Plans


So you’ve completed the basic bookshelf… well done. Now it’s time to try something a little more complicated.

Something without so many pocket holes.

Something with dados and rabbets.

Don’t worry it’s still pretty darn easy! [click to continue…]

Free DIY Simple Bookshelf

rustic handiwork simple bookshelf exploded

DIY Simple Bookshelf Plans Exploded View

Ever been in a store looked at a piece of furniture and thought, “Heck I could build that!?” Well, I’m all about that mentality, so here’s a real simple first woodworking project for the fledgling craftsman out there. [click to continue…]