woodworking wizard michael

Hey Folks,

Let’s get this out of the way first: I’m Michael.


So, woodworking isn’t actually my full time gig. It’s really my side gig because I opted to lend Uncle Sam a hand on a daily basis for a couple years haha.


Woodworking is something I do to clear my mind, and I sincerely get satisfaction out of actually creating something lasting. I love the idea that the pieces I create will stick around with families for years to come, and it’s something they’ll hopefully treasure.

Rustic Handiwork is an extension of my woodworking. I go to other sites all the time, but I don’t always find plans for contemporary “hip” pieces, so I’ve decided to try and fill in that gap while also providing my own insight along the way.

I’ve got a wonderful wife, and a baby daughter to be born extremely soon — I’ll update this as soon as she escapes the womb.

In the meantime check out the site, and be ready for lots and lots of growth / updates.

Keep on Craftin’,